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Deep Sea Shipping – Cargo

There is only one terminal with sufficient depth alongside to take deep sea vessels. Located just inside the harbour entrance, Ogden Point has one berth of 1,000 feet (South “A”) & three berths which each are 800 feet long (North “A” & “B” & South “B”. At one time lumber was shipped from this terminal on a regular basis but this has ceased. Recent cargo vessel activity has included the off-loading of large pleasure yachts arriving as deck cargo.

Deep Sea Shipping – Passengers

The cruise ship industry provides Ogden Point with the vast majority of its traffic as the terminal can berth up to three of these vessels of their present size at any one time. The port of Victoria has always been a popular stop for short visits and the numbers of cruise ships per year has steadily risen.

Coastal shipping

There are facilities dealing with scrap metal and sand/gravel/cement at the northeastern corner of Selkirk Water which can only be serviced by tugs and barges due to the shallowness of the water. This commercial traffic arrives and departs on an irregular basis, as demand arises. Some of this traffic is destined for ports in the U.S.

Repairs and Shipbuilding

The primary shipbuilding and repair activity is located on the Upper Harbour on the opposite side from the city and is a facility in which fishing vessels, small ferries and other commercial vessels undergo repair and overhaul. Occasionally, DND vessels are also in this yard. The facility has recently been upgraded to provide a 1200 ton marine railway, a 200 ton floating drydock, 900 feet of deep water berths and 5 dry land berths. Throughout the year, a steady flow of minor vessels enter and leave this yard.