Victoria Esquimalt Harbour Society

A voice for the social, economic and cultural vitality of our working harbours.

Harbour Activities

Although in geographic terms the port can be considered to be a small one, the diversity of activities which coexist within it is remarkable. The hosting of marine events such as Tall Ship Visits or international yacht races in the harbour stretches its resources even further but with consistent success. The myriad of activities in close proximity both enhance its economic viability and present potential security challenges.


Many of the vessels on the water are from the recreational community, either visiting the port or based at one of the seven commercial marinas spaced along both sides of the harbour. These vessels range from small kayaks launched at one of the public ramps to large motor yachts in the range of 100 feet or more in length and every size in between. Various on-water events in the year draw extra visitors by water. The limitation in numbers is simply berthage space as anchoring is not permitted in the harbour. While recreational boaters do not individually tend to impact normal operations, the sheer numbers at times make this type of craft a challenge to manage for short periods of time.